Singles & Returns

Buy single and return tickets from the driver

A single ticket means one way to your chosen destination, a return means you can go to and back from your destination.

These are available as adult tickets for those aged 19 and over, and child tickets for those that are aged 18 and under.

All services have their own distance based fare tables for singles and returns.  

Tickets can be paid for using cash or contactless payment. If you are paying in cash, it’s really helpful if you can pay using change – our drivers don’t carry large amounts of cash, so they can’t always give you the change you need if you pay with a note.

Credit Notes

If your driver isn’t able to give you the change you need (for example, if you pay using £5, £10 or £20 notes) they may give you a credit note. This can be taken to our Royal Parade Travel Shop where you will be given your change. Alternatively, you can use your credit note as payment towards your next journey.