Plymouth School Buses Plan - September 2023

8 months ago Wed 28th Jun 2023

There will be some changes to the Plymouth Citybus run Plymouth School Bus Network from September 2023.

Changes are being made to make sure the remaining school services are viable after central funding for the bus industry has been reduced.

We have listed the changes below to both routes and tickets.

Coombe Dean

We have worked with Coombe Dean school to make sure the buses are now timed to coincide with the later school finish time. All current buses, 806 / 807 / 808/ 809 will depart Coombe Dean at 15.15 and the 810 (currently 808 late trip) will depart at 16.30. The 807 will have a revised route in Mount Gould avoiding a double loop in the afternoons.

Tor Bridge

There will be no timing or route changes to the 106 and 107.

Notre Dame

The 103 / 112 and 118 will be retimed to improve reliability on morning trips and will leave Notre Dame 5 minutes later in the afternoon at 15.40.


The 101 and 102 will be retimed to improve reliability. The 104 will be revised to start at Roborough Roundabout and not extend to Yelverton and Tavistock. The 105 will be withdrawn. There will be no Plymouth Citybus school buses north of Roborough. Passengers will need to seek alternatives, such as the Stagecoach X1.


All school buses will now run within the new ‘Plymouth Zone’, formally Zone 1 and 2.

Passengers will still be able to access single, return, day, week tickets on the bus and additionally 4 week and 13 week via the Plymouth Citybus App.

These tickets enable travel on the school bus of choice, plus travel on any other Plymouth Citybus services in the valid zone, meaning you can still travel off peak and in school holidays across the local bus network.



Singles and Returns (on bus) = depend on journey length

Day (on bus and app) = £5.50

1 week (on bus and app) = £22.00

4 week (on app) = £86.00

13 week (on app) = £275

Full timetables can be downloaded from the side bar to the right.  


The School Bus times can be found here: Plymouth%20School%20Times%202023.pdf