Please note between 30th October and 22nd December 2017, Hessenford Road between Seaton and Hessenford is closed. During the closure service 75 will operate the alternative timetable in the downloadable PDF below.

The 'select your day of travel' timetable section below does not reflect the diversion being in place. Please refer to the PDF for the most accurate timings until 22nd December.

Download the 30 October - 22 December 2017 timetable PDF here

Service 75  Liskeard - Hessenford - Seaton - Downderry - Crafthole - Torpoint


From Liskeard Railway Station, Via Station Road, Barn Street, Windsor Place, Barras Street [Liskeard Parade], Green Bank Road, Callington Road, Charter Way, Clemo Road, Charter Way, Liskeard, A390, A38(T), B3252, A3387, [Widegates], A387, [Hessenford], Hessenford Road, Bridge Road, [Seaton], Brenton Road, Main Road, [Downderry], Tregunnus Lane, B3247, [Crafthole], B3247, Antony Hill, Antony, A373, [Trevol Road], Anthony Road, Harvey Street, Tamar Street to Torpoint Ferry


Service 75 Torpoint - Crafthole - Downderry - Seaton - Hessenford - Liskeard


From Torpoint Ferry, Ferry Street, Harvey Street, Antony Road, Trevol Road, A374, [Antony], Anthony Hill, B3247, [Crafthole], B3247, Tregunnus Lane, [Downderry], Main Road, Brenton Road, [Seaton], Bridge Road, Hessenford Road, [Hessenford], A387, Widegates, A387, B3252, A38(T), A390, Liskeard, Charter Way, Clemo Road, Charter Way, Callington Road, Greenbank Road , Barras Street [Liskeard Parade], Windsor Place, Barn Street and Station Road  to Liskeard Railway Station.