Service 62  City Centre - Peverell Morrisons  - Brake Farm - Transit Way 
From Royal Parade via St Andrews Cross Roundabout, Exeter Street Viaduct, Charles Cross Roundabout, Charles Street, Drake Circus [Plymouth University/History Centre], North Hill, Mutley Plain, Hyde Park Road [Hyde Park Shops], Weston Park Road, Outland Road [Morrisons], Manadon Roundabout, St Peters Road, Sheridan Road [Brake Farm], Chaucer Way, St Peters Road, Crownhill Road, [Transit Way], Crownhill Road, St Peters Road, Chaucer Way, Sheridan Road [Break Farm], St Peters Road, Manadon Roundabout, Outland Road [Morrisons],Weston Park Road, Hyde Park Road [Hyde Park Shops], Mutley Plain, North Hill, Drake Circus [History Centre/Plymouth University], Cobourg Street, Mayflower Street, Western Approach, Union Street and Derrys Cross Roundabout to Royal Parade