Service 42C  City Centre - Mutley Plain - Crownhill - Derriford Hospital - Marjons - George Park & Ride - Woolwell
From Royal Parade via St Andrews Cross Roundabout, Exeter Street Viaduct, Charles Cross Roundabout, Charles Street, Drake Circus [Plymouth University/The Box], North Hill, Mutley Plain, Mannamead Road, Manadon Roundabout, Tavistock Road [Crownhill Low Level], Derriford Roundabout, Derriford Road, Derriford Hospital, Marjons Link Road, Plymbridge Lane, Runway Road, Tavistock Road [George Park & Ride], Woolwell Roundabout and Woolwell Road [Tesco] to Woolwell Road [School Drive], Pick Pie Drive to Woolwell [Church Park Road].  
Service 42C  Woolwell - George Park & Ride - Marjons - Derriford Hospital - Crownhill - Mutley Plain - City Centre
From Woolwell [Church Park Road] to Pick Pie Drive, Woolwell Road [School Drive] via Woolwell Road [Tesco], Woolwell Roundabout, Tavistock Road [George Park & Ride], Runway Road, Plymbridge Lane, Marjons Link Road, Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road, Derriford Roundabout, Tavistock Road [Crownhill Low Level], Manadon Roundabout, Mannamead Road,  Mutley Plain, North Hill, Drake Circus [The Box/Plymouth University], Cobourg Street, Mayflower Street, Western Approach, Union Street and Derrys Cross Roundabout to Royal Parade