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Service 16   [Wheelchair, Buggy, Railway Station]
[Main Header]   City Centre - Milehouse - Kings Tamerton
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Service 16  City Centre - Railway Station - Milehouse - North Prospect - Lower Ham - Kings Tamerton
From Royal Parade via Derrys Cross Roundabout, Union Street, The Crescent, Western Approach, North Cross Roundabout, Saltash Road [Railway Station], Pennycomequick Roundabout, Alma Road, Wolseley Road [Milehouse for Life Centre/Ford Shops], Beacon Park Road, North Prospect Road, Weston Mill Hill [Lower Ham], Weston Mill Road, Trevithick Road [Marine Academy Plymouth], Kings Tamerton Road, Weston Mill Road, Weston Mill Hill [Lower Ham], North Prospect Road, Beacon Park Road, Wolseley Road [Ford Shops/Milehouse for Life Centre], Alma Road, Pennycomequick Roundabout, Saltash Road [Railway Station], North Cross Roundabout, Western Approach, Union Street and Derrys Cross Roundabout to Royal Parade.