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1735 Network update

Today 17:37 - 19:37

1735: Update: If your service is delayed we apologise due to the congestion. #PCB14 1812 Cherry Tree to Derriford will not run. #PCB35 1835 from Royal Parade and #PCB8 1915 from Royal Parade will not run because of all the congestion and current journeys being heavily delayed.

Reduced service on the 5A

Today 16:35 - 23:59

  • Affected routes:
  • 5A

Services not running - Operational Difficulties:
16:35 #PCB5A City-Staddiscombe
17:05 #PCB5A Staddiscombe-City-Saltash
18:10 #PCB5A Saltash-City-Staddiscombe
19:18 #PCB5A Staddiscombe-City

Some cancelled services on the 5 & 5A until further notice

1st Nov - 24th Dec

There is no service on the following 5 & 5A journeys until further notice, owing to staff availability issues we are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Once we have an update we will inform customers as soon as we can.
08:40 from Saltash-Royal Parade-Elburton (service 5)
09:55 from Elburton-Royal Parade (service 5)
12:10 from Saltash-Royal Parade-Elburton (service 5)
13:25 from Elburton-Royal Parade (service 5)
16:20 from Royal Parade-Elburton (service 5)
16:55 from Elburton-Royal Parade (service 5)
07:35 from Elburton-Royal Parade-Saltash (service 5A)
10:35 from Royal Parade-Elburton (service 5A)
11:05 from Elburton-Royal Parade (service 5A)
14:05 from Royal Parade-Elburton (service 5A)
14:35 from Elburton-Royal Parade (service 5A)
11:35 from Royal Parade-Saltash (service 5A)
17:35 from Royal Parade-Elburton (service 5A)
18:05 from Elburton-Royal Parade-Saltash (service 5A)
19:10 from Saltash-Royal Parade-Elburton (service 5A)
20:18 from Elburton-Royal Parade (service 5A)