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Expect delays to services using Mannamead Road especially at peak times FROM MONDAY

15th - 29th Oct

#PCB39 #PCB40 #PCB41 #PCB42 #PCB42A #PCB42B #PCB42C #PCB42D #PCB44 #PCB44A Mannamead Road Monday 18th October to Friday 29th October 2021
Lane closures, from the side of The Golden Hind Bus Stop Inbound to the side of Golden Hind Bus Stop Outbound, 24hrs.

Details: Fibre cable works

Contractor: Cityfibre

Timetable change: No service on some of the 21 & 21A

10th Sep - 30th Oct

Removing buses running from Royal Parade towards Barne Barton at: 7.05(21A), 9.35(21), 13.35(21), 16.55(21), 19.30(21), 21.45(21A)
Removing buses running from Barne Barton towards Royal Parade at: 7.34(21A), 10.04(21), 14.04(21), 17.28(21), 22.08(21A)
Removing buses running from Royal Parade towards Plympton at: 8.15(21A), 10.45(21), 14.45(21), 15.35(21A), 18.20(21), 22.40(21A)
Removing buses running from Plympton towards Royal Parade at: 8.54(21A), 11.21(21), 15.21(21), 16.14(21A), 18.49(21A), 23.12(21A)