Operation Decker

10 months ago Tue 5th Oct 2021

Our double deckers have been used to help police keep the roads safe.

The Roads Casualty Reduction Team took the bus in ‘Operation Decker,’ using the improved vantage point to keep an eye out for dangerous behaviour. In just a few hours, they’d spotted seven people using mobile phones while driving, and someone driving a vehicle with a ‘dangerous defect.’

Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Mobile phone use behind the wheel is one of the ‘Fatal Five’ and is particularly dangerous in heavily populated areas, given the additional hazards posed by vulnerable roads users such as pedestrians and cyclists and will always be dealt with robustly.”

Mark Horide, Director of Engineering, said: “Road safety is important to us as it affects our passengers and colleagues on a daily basis. Providing a bus to assist the police is a small thing we can do to help.”