Ocean City Running Festival - Road Closures

2 months ago Thu 25th Apr 2024

On Sunday 28th April, the Ocean City Running Festival will be taking place with various road and lane closures in place with different opening times as the race’s progress. All roads will reopen once the last runner crosses the finish line.

The main closures will be:

Union Street junction with The Crescent to Derry’s Cross (Westbound) / Royal Parade (Westbound) / Viaduct (Westbound) / Exeter Street, St Andrews Cross to Sutton Road (Westbound) closed until 09:30.

Embankment Road and The Hoe closed until 14:00.

All services that are normally scheduled to come in via North Hill to Royal Parade via Charles Street will instead use Coburg Street and Western Approach until 09:30.

Service 21/A and 50 Inbound from Marsh Mills until 09:30 via Laira, North Hill, Coburg Street and Western Approach (depart Western Approach for next trip).

After 09:30 until 14:00 via Laira, North Hill, Charles Street and the Viaduct to Royal Parade.

Service 21/A and 51 Outbound to Marsh Mills via North Hill and Laira until 14:00.