5/5A: This service is operating via Callington Rd in Saltash. On the Plymouth side, all services will now serve The Broadway to Elburton and back.

8 & 9: This service is operating direct via Laira Narrows to Laira roundabout only

11: Normal service at the moment, may be delays

12: This service is now operating as far as Launceston but will not be serving Stoke Climsland, 12A will not be serving any villages

14: This service is running as normal but will not be serving Mutton Cove

15: This service is currently suspended

16: Normal service

20/20A/20B: This service is running but will not serve beyond Plympton

21/21A: This service is running as far as Barne Barton. At the Plympton end, we can serve Mudge Way, Glen Road, Langage Roundabout and back.

23/24: Normal service

25: Normal service apart from we are not serving Walker Terrace

27 & 28: These services are now starting to run via Higher Compton as far as the bottom of Deer Park

33: Not serving Station Rd or Warleigh Avenue

34: Normal service

35/35A: Normal service, not serving Dingle Road or Merrivale Road

40/41: Normal service

42: Normal service

42A/B: This service is running as far as Dunnet Road

43: Normal service

44: Normal service

50/A/51/A: 50/51 variations are not servicing Keswick Crescent or Estover. We are only operating direct from Marsh Mills to Derriford Hospital. The service 50A/51A are also not serving Whitleigh & Loosleigh

61/62: This service is running but will not be serving Coombe Park Lane, Sheridan Rd, Chaucer Way or St Pancras Avenue

70/A/B: Normal service as far as HMS Raleigh

72/A: No service

73/A: No service

74/174: No service

75: No service

76: No service

77/A: No service

79/A/B: No service

We are continuing to monitor services as conditions improve. Please bear with us and thanks for your cooperation so far.

It's icy and remains dangerous in places, pavements are particularly bad in some areas, so please take care if you are travelling today especially on your way to the bus stop!