Chaucer Way/Sheridan Road is due to be closed to all traffic from Tuesday 29th May for changes to the road layout as part of the new housing estate being constructed in the area. We are expecting this closure to be in place until approximately 3rd August 2018.

We will be unable to serve Chaucer Way or Sheridan Road for the duration of the works.

Service 61 will operate its normal route as far as St Peters Road and instead of turning into Sheridan Road will continue along St Peters Road to Manadon Roundabout and use Outland Road to Weston Park Road.

Service 62 from Weston Park Road will turn right onto Outland Road, Manadon Roundabout and St Peters Road to Transit Way.

Customers from the City Centre who wish to travel to the Cherry Tree, Honicknowle Lane or St Pancras Avenue will need to ensure they catch the service 61.

Customers from Transit Way who wish to travel to St Pancras Avenue, Honicknowle Lane or the Cherry Tree will need to ensure they catch the service 62.

Due to this road closure, we have also had to implement a diversion to the school service 118 and service 83.

Service 118 (both directions) from Honicknowle Lane will use Shakespeare Road, turn at the triangle at the end and go back down Shakespeare Road to Honicknowle Lane. This is to allow students who normally board on St Peters Road or Sheridan Road somewhere closer to board the bus than Honicknowle Lane.

Service 83 will operate via Shakespeare Road in both directions between St Peters Road Ruskin Stores and Honicknowle Lane.