Sunday 8th December 2019: Service 11/11A timetable changes 

On Sunday 15th December 2019, Great Western Railway will be introducing a significant timetable change to its railway network. Around three quarters of journey times will be different from how they are today as new services are added and old services change as part of the improvements.

The changes are so significant that at Plymouth Citybus, we are making amendments to our service 11/11A timetable to make sure we can still make the connections at Bodmin Parkway station.

Our changes to the service 11/11A will come into effect from Sunday 8th December 2019. 

The main changes are revised morning and evening departures from Bodmin Parkway as well as an additional evening departure from The Parkway to Bodmin Mount Folly. The 20:05 departure from Royal Parade will now be extended to Dobwalls with a return journey back to Liskeard Parade. 

Printed timetables are available now from our Travel Centre. Timetables will also be available on this website before the changes come into effect. Just search for the 11 or 11A service to the right (or bottom of this page if you're on a mobile device).