Plymouth Citybus has announced its acquisition of the Target Travel PR3: Derriford Hospital Park & Ride service.

The popular route has been growing for several years having been introduced by Target Travel and is now an established key link from the George Park & Ride to the University of St. Mark and St. John and Derriford Hospital.

The service will be operated by Citybus from Monday 8th October 2018, with no interruption of service for passengers during the changeover. Target Travel will continue operating the route until Friday 5th October 2018.

The new Citybus timetable will remain the same as it was under Target Travel with a 20-minute frequency to and from the George Park & Ride and Derriford Hospital.

Robert Risk, Chief Executive at Target Travel, said: “We’ve worked hard to grow this route, which is now a popular link for those people travelling to and from the George Park & Ride and Derriford Hospital. We believe the time is right to pass the baton to Plymouth Citybus, who we know will do a fantastic job at continuing to grow and improve this service.”

Richard Stevens, Managing Director at Plymouth Citybus, said: “I am delighted that Citybus has acquired this route as it is a really important link between the hospital and the north of the city; and fits really well into our existing bus network, offering even more journey solutions for the city.”

Timetable information will be available on this website soon.