Buses Running as Normal 

Our services will continue to run at normal levels across Plymouth, despite the Government’s latest Covid-19 restrictions.

However from Sunday 17th January 2021 we will be operating School Vacation timetables. This means the service 34, 43 and 50,51 will see a revised timetable, school service will be suspended (however Coombe Dean School will still have a service) all other services will operate as advertised.

We have been operating a full service timetable for several months, and current plans are to continue providing transport for all those who need to travel across the local area.

“We know many of those living and working within our community - whether they are NHS, supermarket staff, carers or other keyworkers - are still relying on us to get them to work,” said our managing director, Richard Stevens.

“So, just as we have done during previous lockdown measures, we will continue to serve them by operating a full bus service here in Plymouth. The special measures we introduced months ago are designed to ensure that public transport is still one of the safest places to be.

“Our team makes sure every bus is cleaned regularly with anti-viral wipes, and there are on-board hand sanitisers for our customers to use. We ask those travelling with us to continue wearing face coverings, unless they are exempt.

“These are challenging times for us all, and I would like to thank my colleagues - who themselves are keyworkers - for their incredible resilience and dedication. Without their efforts, many of those who carry out vital roles within our local community would be unable to travel.

“With this in mind, we will continue to provide a comprehensive bus service here. We are, of course, monitoring government guidelines closely - and we are ready to adapt our offering wherever and whenever this is deemed necessary.”

For detailed timetable information, please visit our timetables page.

Coombe Dean 806 & 807 will run as normal a revised 808 will operate the following timetable:

Mannamead - Coombe Dean 808  
Service Number 808 Service Number 808
Mannamead, Hyde Park Cars 0735 Coombe Dean School 1505
Peverell, Library 0744 Elburton School 1508
Mutley Plain 0757 Morley Arms 1513
Greenbank Road 0802 St Judes, Beaumont Park 1518
St Judes, Beaumont Park 0804 Hill Park Crescent 1520
Rock Gardens 0809 Mutley Plain 1524
Elburton, Doreena Road 0814 St Martins Avenue 1528
Coombe Dean School 0820 Milehouse, Alma Road 1532