We are making some changes to our Plymouth network from 3rd February 2019. This is in response to feedback from passengers and drivers, to ensure we maintain reliability across our services.

New timetables are available now from our Travel Centre on Royal Parade and on the Timetable section of this website. If your have any queries regarding these service changes, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Experience team, who will be happy to help.

What's changing:

Service 21/21A: There will be some minor adjustments to the timetable Monday to Friday to improve the flow of the service. We have identified sections of the route that suffer from congestion so these areas will receive additional time to allow buses to keep to the advertised timetable. The Devonport – City Centre section of the route will also see some additional resource in the afternoon to improve reliability. Please note that the timetable displayed on the Timetables section of this website is due to be changed. We will have an updated version available in advance of 3rd February. If you have any queries please contact Customer Experience.

Service 34: The morning timetable will see revised running time for buses heading towards Derriford Hospital this is following correspondence from passengers. We will also be making improvements in the afternoon schedule to make sure buses are leaving the Hospital on time heading towards Devonport and the City Centre. 

Service 40A/41A: The Sunday daytime 40A/41A timetable will be replaced by the 42D and this will cover Southway only. Whitleigh will see the re-introduction of the 44 during the daytime providing a more direct link to the City Centre for both Southway and Whitleigh. The current 40A/41A timetable will only operate on Sunday & Bank Holiday evenings and will continue to cover both Southway and Whitleigh. 

Service 42/42A/42B/42C/42D: Sunday will see the biggest changes to these services with the introduction of the 42D. This service will follow the standard 42 route from the City Centre to Derriford. It will then continue to Southway before returning to Derriford and back to the City Centre. There will be no change to the 42A however the 42C will see minor adjustments. On a Monday to Friday additional resources will be added to provide a 10-minute frequency from 06.15 between the City Centre and Derriford due to additional patronage. 

Service 44: This service will see the re-introduction of a half-hourly Sunday service between the City Centre and Whitleigh providing a more direct service. The 40A/41A will continue to operate in Whitleigh and Southway on both Sunday evenings and on Bank Holidays. 

Service 118: This school service will see some slightly revised times in the afternoon to improve reliability.