New fares in a changing climate….

From Sunday 3rd November 2019 we will introduce price increases across a number of tickets. 

Why the changes?

We have tried to absorb as many of our cost increases as possible by working more efficiently to provide your bus service. However there are some areas where the price rises we face are greater than we can absorb.
The main costs we incur are wage increases, insurance and vehicle parts.  

We maintain one of the biggest fleets of vehicles in the city, which means our servicing and parts bill is substantial. The cost of our parts supply has been hit twice. Firstly by unit cost increases and secondly, by Brexit uncertainty affecting our supply chain, meaning we have had to stock-pile parts.

It is not all bad news. To ensure we are doing our bit in tackling the recently declared climate emergency, we continue to invest in our fleet. A £2.6m investment of 11 new low emission, low carbon certified buses will be on the road next month. This enhances our fleet replacement plan, removing older buses from service, reducing carbon emissions. 

What is changing? 


We will be freezing the price of our ever popular ‘Kid Add-On’ at £1.50, which helps hundreds of thousands of families each year.   

We have limited price increases on our single tickets, which will see an increase of 10p or 20p. Returns will see an increase of between 20p and 40p, dependant on distance travelled. 
Dayrider zone 1 & 2 ticket will increase by 30p to £4.70 for adults and 20p to £3.50 for children.

After freezing the price of our weekly zone 1 & 2 ticket for over three years. Regrettably this will now rise by £1 to £19 for adults and £14.50 for children. All other weekly tickets will rise by £1, with all 4 week and month tickets rising by £3 or £3.50. 


Due to the increased length of journeys, single tickets will see an increase of between 10p and 50p. Returns will see an increase of between 20p and £1. The zone 4 Dayrider ticket has been frozen for four years but will now see an increase of £1 to £9 for adults and 70p to £6.70 for children.

After reducing the price of the zone 4 weekly ticket, it will go back to the same price as four years ago of £32 for adults and £24 for children. 4 week and month tickets will rise by £4. 

Where to get information?

We have highlighted the most popular tickets above. A downloadable price guide showing changes to all tickets is available on this page and a printed version can be picked up from our Travel Centre on Royal Parade.

We are sorry that this fare review is necessary and thank you for your continued support and custom.