10 reasons to fall in love with Plymouth Citybus this Valentine’s


This Valentine’s Day, you’re going to love Plymouth Citybus more than ever before – because we’ve teamed up with Heart FM to give listeners the chance to win £250 to spoil their loved one!

You’ll need to keep listening to Heart to find out how you can win but in the meantime we’ve got plenty of other reasons to fall in love with us.

We’ve spent the last year making our bus service better than ever before – here are a few of the ways we’ve done it.

We’re grinding out gridlock

Taking the bus means one less car on the road. Did you know a full double decker bus takes a staggering 75 cars off the road?

Not only is this good for the environment but it helps congestion. Our brand spanking new buses on the 42 route through Mutley are helping reduce gridlock in one of Plymouth’s biggest traffic hotspots.

We care for the air

The 11 new buses introduced on the 42 and PR3 routes join the 16 Spark buses we launched in 2017. These buses – a £2.6million investment – have far fewer carbon emissions and are 10 times cleaner per passenger than a new diesel car.

By sending them through Mutley we are targeting an area pinpointed for poor air quality. It’s actually the worst in Plymouth, so we’re doing everything we can to tackle the issue.

Parking problems in the past

Forget the hassle of expensive parking charges and making sure you’ve always got change in your car. The bus saves you money - pay via Contactless and enjoy a hassle-free bus journey. Small changes make all the difference - swapping one car journey a week for the bus will not only help the planet but it’s also lighter on your pocket. Win win. 

We’re quick

Especially at rush hour. Plymouth’s network of bus lanes means we can negotiate the city’s traffic highs with much more flexibility and our punctuality rates are better than ever.

We’re digital

Our innovative app allows you to track your bus in real time and plan your journey with ease. Bus stops also have real time information on when your ride will be arriving.

We give you ‘me’ time

Cruise the bus lane past the traffic and enjoy the extra time. Read a book, relax, catch up on those pesky emails or strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Suddenly the car seems a rather frustrating, lonely and boring place to be!

We’re ultra-convenient and comfortable

Our new buses on some of our busiest routes are kitted out with comfy leather seats, free WiFi and USB charging for your mobile – not to mention contactless payment on every single bus. We lead the way in bus travel by investing in better journeys for our passengers.

Your ticket to ride

There is so much to see and do in Plymouth – all accessible by bus. The Mayflower 400 commemorations mean there’s more than ever to explore in 2020. Visit the ever-growing programme of events including the opening of the Box in the spring (there’s a stop right outside) or indulge in the city’s other attractions such as the National Marine Aquarium or a trip to the Hoe.

Remember we can take you further afield as well – when was the last time you explored the stunning beauty of the Rame Peninsula? Leave the car, and stress, at home.

We’re here for you

Plymouth Citybus invests thousands of pounds in local community initiatives, sponsorships and charities to give back to Plymouth and the community. Spot our charity branded buses travelling the city as well as supporting other organisations and initiatives such as All Saints Academy and the Nancy Astor anniversary. This year you’ll notice we’re supporting plenty of big events for the community – including the Britain’s Ocean City Running Series with the 5k, 10k and half marathon.

We’ll help you save

We love to give you money off. Did you know if you are in full time education, training or part of an apprenticeship you qualify for 15% off? Plus, if you are referred by the Job Centre we can give you the bus ride to your interview absolutely free.

And if you’re exploring, we offer unlimited travel in zones 1 and 2 all day Saturday and Sunday for only £7!

Visit https://www.heart.co.uk/plymouth/win/ to find out how you can win!