Exeter Street Viaduct

From Monday 30th March until Friday 3rd April

Exeter Street/Bretonside viaduct will have lane and full outbound closures as detailed below.

Monday 30th April

Bus lane closed outbound 0800 for 24 hours. Also Lane 1 closed 0800-1600

Tuesday 31st April

Bus lane closed outbound until 1600. Full closure outbound 2000 - 0600. Follow diversions listed below.

Evenings of Thursday 2nd April and Friday 3rd April

Full closure outbound 2000-0600 - follow diversion.

During the bus lane closure B3 stop will be out of use and passengers will need to use B2 instead.

DIVERSION ROUTE: All outbound Mutley and Mount Gould services via Western Approach.

5/5a 21/21a 48 50/51 via Bretonside to Exeter Street.