Coronavirus Update

In line with guidance from the government, our buses have started returning to what can be considered our ‘normal’ level of service. We have also worked hard to protect journeys introduced following customer feedback on key worker shift times at the start of the crisis.


This Coronavirus page is updated when we make changes to either services or guidance. It was last updated 18th June 2020.

Service Levels

Most services have returned to timetables that are similar to their pre-coronavirus times on weekdays and some changes were introduced on the 31st May. Frequencies on many evening services have been reduced due to the continued closure of leisure and entertainment venues. All our main services are running at pre-coronavirus frequencies.

All our timetables can be viewed on our website here, or you can plan your journey by downloading our mobile app. Search Plymouthbus in your app store.


When to Travel

If you're planning a journey in the future (up to two weeks), you can check the best times to travel with our When2Travel tool that uses a dynamic prediction engine to forecast which journeys will be quieter, or busier, when and where, whilst capacities are restricted due to social distancing on board our buses.


Face Coverings

In line with guidance from the government, you will need to wear a face covering on public transport from Monday 15 June.

This can be a mask, scarf, snood, bandana or even something you can make out of an old t-shirt. View this handy guide on how to wear and make a face covering.

If you fit into any of the government exemptions, then you'll be able to travel on our buses without wearing a face covering. Just tell the driver when you board the bus.

Further info on exemptions and to download our handy ‘Helping Hands’ card, please click here.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who may and may not travel?
AS per the government advice, anyone can now travel with us. We just ask that you familiarise yourself with our safety and travel advice on this page if you haven’t travelled for a while.

Please don’t travel if you are experiencing any coronavirus Symptoms, are self-isolating as a result of coronavirus symptoms or sharing a household or support bubble with somebody with symptoms, are clinically extremely vulnerable and cannot shield during your journey, or have been advised by the NHS test and trace service that you should self-isolate.


What timetable is being operated?
Most services have returned to timetables that are similar to their pre-coronavirus times on weekdays. Frequencies on many evening services have been reduced due to the continued closure of leisure and entertainment venues. All our main services are running at pre-coronavirus frequencies.


Are there any timetable changes soon?
Our timetables last changed on Sunday 31st May as outlined above. We have no further changes planned at the moment, but we're constantly reviewing the situation and we will provide advance notice of any future changes.


What if I'm disabled and require assistance?
If a disabled passenger requires assistance please feel free to contact our customer experience team who can provide additional assistance during covid-19. If for any reason a wheelchair user is unable to travel with us, a complimentary taxi will be arranged. As normal we aim to ensure our services are accessible for all, all our buses are fitted low floor access. Fitted ramps, deployed by the driver, ensures easier wheelchair access.

We recognise that social distancing may be more challenging for some passengers. Our drivers can verbally advise customers of this and available seating. Our help me cards can discreetly advise drivers of any help required for anyone not wishing to speak directly to the driver.  

Following reduced capacity to help with social distancing, updated signage has been added on our buses to remind passengers that not all disabilities are visible and to remind that seating should be for passengers who may need it more. 

Our bus timetables are available in large print and we can enlarge any other information on request. 

Speak Me is at the top of every page on the website. The Speak Me accessibility and language support toolbar provides visitors to the website with a wide range of features. 

In order for customers to take advantage of exclusive early morning opportunities being offered by some shops, and in partnership with local councils, we are accepting any English concessionary pass for travel 24 hours a day - this is subject to change. 

What steps will you take to maximise social distancing and how can we help?
We ask that you use alternate rows when travelling with us and sit by the window, leaving an empty row in front and behind you. Please make use of the upper deck if possible, as additional seating is available. You will notice we have blocked of some seats to assist with social distancing and additional signage has been placed on board go guide passengers. We also ask that you socially distance yourself from others whilst waiting at bus stops, and stand back to let other people off the bus before boarding. You may see buses that have been borrowed from our sister operators around the UK on your service. This is as we have tried to use as large a bus as possible to aid social distancing.


Do I need to wear a face covering? 
Yes, you now need to wear a face covering on public transport. This can be a mask, scarf, snood, bandana or even something you can make out of an old t-shirt. There are also some people that will be exempt from wearing a face covering - see our latest guidance.


What additional cleaning is being carried out?
The health and safety of our customers and colleagues is always our top priority. We've stepped up our procedures with deep cleans, stronger products and the use of PPE.  Extra cleaning is taking place throughout the day at mid route locations.


Is hand sanitiser available on board?
No, we are unable to provide hand sanitiser. We ask that you bring your own and wash your hands as often as possible, at least before and after every journey.


When is the best time to travel?
If you can, we ask that you travel outside of peak times to save space for those that have no other option but to travel at that time. We are working on our new innovative ‘When 2Travel’ web pages, which will allow you to see in advance how busy the bus is you are planning to catch.


What happens if the bus I'm waiting for is full?
Unfortunately, our capacity for each bus is reduced at the moment due to social distancing. If a bus is full, we kindly ask that you are prepared to wait for the next bus in cases like this. So far, we are only seeing a small number of journeys around peak time that are near our social distancing capacity. We are monitoring things daily and should there be any recurring issues we'll look at providing further journeys.


What happens if the last bus of the day is full? 
We won't leave anyone stranded with our last buses. We're continually monitoring passenger numbers and our last buses aren't reaching social distance capacity. We'll continue to monitor all journeys, and should anything change we'll look to see if we can duplicate journeys to ensure you can travel.


Can I pay with cash on the bus?
We only ask that you pay with cash if you have no other option. Where possible, use contactless payments or the Plymouthbus App instead. 


Is your travel shop open?
Our travel shop on Royal Parade will re-open on Monday 03rd August. However until then If you require any help, you can either fill in an online form, email us at or call us on 01752 662271 during office hours.  


COVID-19 safety information and travel advice

Is your journey necessary?

Before you travel you should consider whether your journey is necessary. You can reduce pressure on the public transport system and road network by:

  • Working from home
  • Shopping locally and less frequently
  • Walking and cycling

Plan your journey

  • Plan ahead and use a direct route where possible
  • If you can, travel at quieter times and avoid travelling at peak times
  • Take hand sanitiser and a face covering - see latest guidance for face coverings
  • If you require assistance, you should continue to request this as you normally would
  • Wash or sanitise your hands before beginning your journey

On your journey

  • Maintain 2 metre distance where possible
  • Wear a face covering - see latest guidance for face coverings
  • Use contactless payments or the Plymouthbus App where possible
  • Be patient and please follow any instructions provided by our team members
  • Wash or sanitise your hands as frequently as possible

Completing your journey

  • Follow guidance at your destination
  • Walk and cycle from public transport to your destination, where possible
  • Wash or sanitise your hands as soon as possible