Cornish company supports Plymouth Citybus's enhanced cleaning regimes with innovative products



Go Cornwall Bus and Plymouth Citybus are utilising innovative antimicrobial treatments produced by cleaning equipment specialists Cornwall Vacuum Services, based in St Austell, to support enhanced cleaning regimes across their Cornwall and Devon fleets.


Cornwall Vacuum Services have supplied the bus operators with Zoono Z71, an environmentally friendly  product which is an antimicrobial surface treatment that works to kill a range of viruses for up to 30 days with just one application. It uses ammonium compound technology to leave behind a molecular layer that permanently bonds to surfaces, forming a barrier.  It is colourless and odourless and is used by spraying, wiping of fogging methods across the entire bus fleet, ensuring maximum protection for bus drivers and passengers.


The company also produces an alcohol-free hand sanitiser GermFree24 which is being used by staff from both bus companies. This sanitiser after just one application, leaves the skin shielded for up to 24 hours.  Unlike traditional alcohol-based hand sanitisers which only work when they are wet and then evaporate, this sanitiser sets up a defensive barrier of billions of molecular ‘pins’ that bind to skin and destroy germs.


Mark Horide, Director of Engineering for Go South West, the parent company which operates Go Cornwall Bus and Plymouth Citybus, commented:

‘It’s crucial that we utilise the very best cleaning regimes and cutting-edge products to keep staff and passengers as safe as possible and I was very impressed with the range of products and services we were able to access from this Cornish company.’