Helping children from deprived areas learn about Plymouth's coast

Plymouth Citybus is pleased to be supporting Plymouth City Council host its first summer ‘Sea in the Park’ events, giving children from deprived areas of the city the chance to experience its magnificent coastline.  

With the help of free bus tickets from Plymouth Citybus, children from some of the more deprived inland communities within the city can catch the bus to the sea to get their feet wet and their minds stimulated in a series of Beach Ranger events. 

Sea in the Park is an initiative to support Plymouth Britain’s Ocean City becoming the UK’s first National Marine Park, in partnership with Blue Marine Foundation and the Marine Biological Association. The partnership visits green spaces and play areas in Plymouth throughout the summer to help develop ocean connections in communities where that connection may have been lost or shrunk over generations. Britain’s Ocean City has many opportunities in marine and maritime, and helping children see the natural wonders of Plymouth Sound is the first step to develop that connection and enhance civic pride across our community.

Tudor Evans, Leader of Plymouth City council said: “There are over 1000 species living in the waters off Plymouth Hoe. 

“However, we know that nationally 18 per cent of children have not been to the beach or coastal spaces. What’s even more shocking is 17 per cent of Plymouth children haven’t had the chance either to visit the beach or our fabulous coastline. We want to change that. 

“This is a great opportunity to connect children with Plymouth Sound and build their excitement for our oceans. Thanks to Plymouth Citybus these Sea in the Park events are also a great opportunity to also get children from some of our deprived communities to the coast and interacting with the inspirational Plymouth Sound.”

Richard Stevens, Managing Director at Plymouth Citybus, said: “The National Marine Park is a great opportunity for us to develop sustainable communities and business whilst coexisting with nature. 

“We are really proud to be helping with Sea in the Park by getting children to the Beach Ranger sessions around the waterfront. We hope this can be a first step for many young people to develop a love of our ocean that is such an integral part of our city.”