New fares in Plymouth

4 months ago Tue 5th Apr 2022

From Sunday 10th April 2022 we will introduce price increases across a number of tickets on the Plymouth Citybus network.

Why the changes?

As with many industries we have seen a large increase in our costs recently. We have tried to absorb as many of our cost increases as possible by working more efficiently to provide your bus services throughout Plymouth.

The last bus fares increase in Plymouth was back in 2019. We have tried to hold off on the decision to raise bus fares as long as possible.

What is changing?

We will be freezing the price of our ever popular ‘Kid Add-On’ at £1.50, which helps hundreds of thousands of families each year and has been at this price since 2018. Our Weekend Wonder, Night Rider and Group tickets all remain frozen.  

Singles and Returns  

Single tickets will see an increase of 20p or 30p. Returns will see an increase of between 30p and 50p, dependant on distance travelled.

Day Tickets

Dayrider zone 1 & 2 ticket will increase by 30p to £5.00 for adults and £3.80 for children.

We have been studying new passenger travel trends; to help passengers will be replacing our bundles of 12 Dayriders with a new ‘Flexi 5’ day ticket via our App. This will allow passengers to buy a bundle of 5 day tickets for just £20 (or £4 a day) for adults and £15.20 (or just over £3 a day) for children.

The ticket bundle is valid for 12 months from purchase, meaning there is a lower up front cost to take advantage of the lowest cost day tickets.

Week and Month Tickets

Our weekly zone 1 & 2 ticket will rise by £1 to £20 for adults and £15 for children. This has only increased by 11% in over 5 years!

We will be removing any of our route week tickets that are still in circulation.

Where to get info?

We have highlighted the most popular tickets above and you can see a leaflet with more details below.

I am sorry that this fare review is necessary and thank you for your continued support and custom.

Yours sincerely

Richard Stevens

Managing Director


Fare change leaflet - April 2022