7th August

Watch Wes Anderson’s delightful, star-studded homage to journalism and literary magazines - a feast for the eyes and a whip-smart comic delight - in the unique location of Tinside Lido.

The French Dispatch, a high-brow magazine based in the imagined Gallic town of Blasé-sur-Ennui, has reached its end. Its founder (Murray) has died, and his staff reflect nostalgically on the publication’s halcyon days, when the writers were as celebrated as the subjects they covered. Anderson is at the top of his game with this dazzling, breathlessly inventive and irrepressibly witty tribute to the New Yorker magazine and its writers. Along with his trademark shooting style – exquisitely-conceived symmetrical compositions – there’s deft use of aspect ratio and seamless monochrome-to-colour shifts. All in all, it’s an absolute treat.


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