During the COVID-19 pandemic we are proactively making sure our services are reviewed and monitored.  Making changes where necessary.

We are finding that due to the lack of congestion in the city, bus journey times have been reduced. The last thing both passengers and drivers want is to be sat in a bus stop waiting for the timetabled departure time before setting off again.

We have updated a number of our services, reducing running time, so the journey is speed up.

We have not reduced any frequencies, or cut any journeys. Just made the current journeys faster. 

Changes have been made to the following services from Sunday 19th April 2020. 

5 / 5A

8 / 9 


21 / 21A

27 / 28 

35 / 35A

40 / 41

61 / 62

We will continue to monitor the network and make further enhancements where we can.

 Many thanks for your continued support

Team Citybus