We want to make travelling by bus easier for people with accessibility needs and here are some of the ways in which we help:


Wheelchairs and Scooters

Wheelchair users are very welcome on board our buses. we are also able to accept some class 2 scooters (up to 1000mm length x 600mm wide) but please note that the scooter 'turning circle' must be no greater than 1200mm.

In order to establish if your class 2 scooter is compatible, we can arrange for a home-visit assessment from one of our dedicated accessibility officers. 

At present, UK regulations only allow one wheelchair or scooter to be carried in the designated space. 

Wheelchairs and Scooters must be reversed up to the 'ironing board' style cushion and brake applied. 

Our drivers will try their best to ensure wheelchair users can board first to access the designated space and we welcome the co-operation of other passengers in making the space available.



Many bus stops in the city have raised kerbs to allow wheelchair users to board and alight easily. If there is no raised kerb available, our bus can deploy a manual ramp to give access. 



Buggies come in all shapes and sizes making it difficult to stipulate how many we can carry.

We ask that passengers are considerate of others and would encourage owners of large buggies to consider using a small, lightweight buggy when travelling on our buses as this will improve the travelling experience for all. 

In the event of a wheelchair user requiring the designated space, drivers will request for buggies to be folded away. 


Help Me Cards

We can provide passengers with a pocket sized card that carries a simple message or instruction to be shown discreetly to the driver. 

Some examples of messages include 'please wait until seated', 'please help me count my change' or 'please face me I lip read'. 


Contact us

To book a scooter or wheelchair assessment, apply for a help me card, provide feedback or to talk to one of our accessibility officers please contact us at:

Plymouth Citybus

1 Milehouse Road



Customer services: 01752 662271