Changes to bus services

11 months ago Thu 9th Sep 2021

Plymouth Citybus update on temporary service reductions.

Plymouth Citybus apologises for the anxiety that has occurred as a result of how it communicated temporary service reductions on its website on Thursday.

The company is having to temporarily suspend a number of trips within their published timetables.

They are still running over 95% of their scheduled bus services.  

The decision was made reluctantly as the company grapples with the challenges of staff availability due to a high level of sickness; a problem for many transport operators.

The company are confident that this is a short term issue and that the trips will be reinstated in coming days as more drivers become available.

The company believed that advising passengers in advance, allowed people to plan their journeys.

The company has aimed to temporarily remove trips in a way that has the least impact on all passengers.

The company confirms that all online and app timetables have been updated to reflect the temporary changes, these will be kept up to date daily.

Top priority has been to run all school buses and limit the impact on any services for key workers, especially Derriford Hospital.  

The company would like to reassure all passengers that these reductions are for a short period of time and all the suspended trips will resume as soon as possible.

Richard Stevens Managing Director said “ I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience these service suspensions will have on people, we know our services are vital for the people who rely on them. We are all focused on resuming all the trips as soon as circumstances allow. I also apologise for giving people the false impression that we were cutting 100 bus services, I hope people will be reassured this is not the case.”